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Zircotec Thermal Barrier Coating


High Performance keramische coating met kleurafwerking


Zircotec Performance Colours™ and Performance White™ 

Zircotec has developed a range of high temperature quality finishes that are applied over the top of our plasma-sprayed ThermoHold® based coatings. With similar levels of performance to Performance White™ but with a surface finish and texture that is robust and easily maintained we have called this our Performance Colours™ Range. Our Performance White™ exhaust system coating delivers the ultimate in thermal barrier performance. It is the mainstay of Zircotec’s offering to motorsport, but is also used in a broad range of other applications. Based on our core ThermoHold® formulation, this coating is only available from Zircotec.

  • A robust fit-and-forget coating It is in effect “welded” to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap; protecting components against corrosion; and continuing to perform and look good.
  • Ultra high level of thermal performance suitable for applications of up to 1,400oC (2,550oF).
  • Significantly lower exhaust temperatures surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.
  • Reduced heat loss from the exhaust resulting in lower engine bay temperatures reductions of >50 ºC are possible.
  • Highly efficient yet lightweight only 0.3 mm thick (0.012” thick) with minimal weight gain.
  • Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment inside the engine bay.
  • Improved engine performance and reliability Lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power, whilst keeping the heat inside the exhaust gas allows the gases to flow more easily increasing cylinder scavenging, and allowing turbochargers to spool up more quickly.
  • Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.
  • Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off The surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is off, making pit stops faster, easier and safer. Our ceramic coatings have been tested to simulate 100,000 miles of road use, and are intended to be “fit and forget”. We are suficiently confident in the life of our ceramic coating that we offer a 3 year unlimited milage guarantee for our Performance White™ coating and all of our Performance Colours™ range (reduced to 1 year for motorsport applications).


Primary Range™ Coatings

In developing the Primary Range™ we have retained our core ThermoHold® formulation, though we have worked to balance overall thermal performance with affordability, whilst still retaining all of the quality and durability for which Zircotec’s coatings are renowned. Initially available with a black finish, we plan to offer other colour options in the near future. The coating aims to meet the needs of road car and bike users who want to benefit from the durability and performance of Zircotec’s plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, but who might have concerns over the possible costs. Our standard pricing for the Primary Range™ coatings is 30% less than for our Performance Range™ coatings, putting our Primary Range™ coatings firmly within the budget of those who might otherwise choose paint or wrap. Although this is our “entry level” coating, it still offers a potential 25% reduction in manifold or exhaust system surface temperatures.The new coating is expected to be very popular for the classic and mid performance car markets such as Ford Escort, Mini, Caterham 7, BMW 3 Series, VW Golf GTI and Honda Civic. It may also prove to be popular with bikes.Higher performance vehicles such as the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo as well as motorsport customers are likely to be better suited to our Performance Range™ products. The Primary Range™ coating has passed Zircotec’s full product validation regime. We are therefore happy to offer a full one year warranty for road applications.


Diamond Black™

The Diamond Black™ range of ceramic coatings is designed to offer our customers an attractive yet extremely tough and durable finish that is exceptionally hard wearing and highly resistant to stone chipping and other forms of mechanical damage. These thermal barrier coatings are designed specifically to suit exposed areas of an exhaust system where aesthetics are important, and where physical damage might be a problem. In developing these coatings we have aimed to maintain a high level of thermal barrier performance, though we have necessarily sacrificed some of the extremes of performance offered by our Performance Range™.These coatings are particularly applicable to exhaust system side pipes and tail pipes, and also to motorcycle exhausts. We do not recommend this coating if uncoated exhaust surface temperatures are likely to exceed ~400 ºC (~750 ºF). Our standard colour is black, though in some lighting conditions the coating may appear to have a very slight blue/grey appearance. Classic Car Parts Helden is the official Re-seller for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Endurance Range™

Zircotec launches tough, new thermal barrier exhaust coatings for motorbikes. Specifically designed to offer a durable finish that can weather a variety of elements, the new Endurance Range brings rugged customisation to motorbikes. Tougher than the standard automotive coatings, Zircotecs new Endurance Range has been specifically formulated to provide motorcycle riders with a durable novel surface finish that minimises rust on exhaust systems. The new coatings also offer Zircotecs specialist thermal barrier technology, insulating heat within the exhaust preventing it from spreading to sensitive areas of the bike, whilst lowering surface temperatures to assist in reducing the risk of burns for riders and pillion passengers.
Unlike car exhausts, the pipes and manifolds on bikes are far more exposed to the elements. This means the surface metal of the exhaust system must endure different weather conditions, stone chips and other abrasive material kicked up from roads, ultraviolet light from direct sunlight, and physical contact from riders and pillion passengers. As a derivative of its proven and popular automotive Performance Range, the new smoother coatings are applied using Zircotecs proprietary plasma-sprayed process to deliver a well-adhered thermal barrier that outlasts conventional OEM and aftermarket paints.
By retaining the thermal protection of its predecessors, the Endurance Range reduces the surface temperature of the exhaust system helping to save riders from accidentally burning their legs on hot metal when dismounting. Keeping heat insulated within the manifold also helps to minimise high temperatures from affecting the reliability of nearby heat-sensitive components. The net result is a range of coatings that present motorcycle riders with a new form of low-maintenance customisation that also prevents components and accessories, such as panniers, from heat soak and damage.
Thousands of miles of rigorous real-world testing across Europe, exposed Endurance Range=99 equipped bikes to mud, rain and tough terrain; yet the coatings emerged with no unsightly chips, flaking or abrasions. A quick power wash removed any mud caked on the bikes and brought the coatings back to their original appearance.
The Endurance Range is currently available in three colours: Endurance Black (matt black finish), Endurance Metallic Black (incorporates a metallic fleck), Endurance Graphite (matt grey finish).


For more information, please send us an e-mail info@classiccarpartshelden.nl.