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Zircotec Style Range™


Zircotec has developed a range of coloured ceramic coatings for use on other engine compartment surfaces and components to match the colour and surface finish of our range of ceramic exhaust coatings. Customers can now select a finish to match or contrast with their chosen exhaust coating and have it applied to components such as cam/rocker covers, inlet manifolds, heat shields, etc. (irrespective of whether they are new or used). These coatings are offered only for their aesthetics and are not intended to provide any thermal barrier benefit. They can be used to improve the overall appearance of any engine compartment and offer customers the option of creating a truly customised finish. Most colours of the Zircotec range are available, except for the colours Performance White, Liquid Black, Diamond Black and Aluminium Metal.


Please ask us for the possibilities. We have called this our Style Range™.


Colours Zircotec Style Range™


BMW 02 serie Graphite


Nissan Cam Cover


Toyota supra kleppendeksels