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ZircoFlex® Gold


ZircoFlex® Gold is a high performance heatshield material offering exceptional levels of protection against both radiant and conductive heat in a single easy to use product. Its real gold backing provides maximum levels of heat reflectivity. The material is:


  • 24 carat gold backed to deliver 98% heat reflectivity.
  • Flexible – ZircoFlex® Gold is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries, and can even be folded tightly through 180° without damaging the thermal barrier.
  • Lightweight – ZircoFlex® Gold weighs only 0.23 kg/m².
  • Extremely thin (0.17 mm overall) needing only minimal space for installation.
  • Easily cut and installed by hand or machine.
  • Easily fixed in place using mechanical fasteners or using a high temperature adhesive (included with each retail pack).


The use of real 24 carat gold delivers extremely high levels of heat reflectivity whilst the ceramic layers provide a highly efficient barrier against conductive heat transfer. There are other gold coloured products on the market but these are for aestetics and are unable to offer the heat reflectivity of real gold.


Typical applications

  • Protection of engine bay components from engine/exhaust heat.
  • Bodywork protection, e.g. the protection of carbon composite materials from radiant heat damage.
  • Reduction of heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc.
  • Insulation of air intake systems – reducing heat soak thereby minimising air intake temperatures for maximum engine performance.


ZircoFlex® Gold is supplied as a standard sized sheet 300 mm x 400 mm (12″ x 16″). Each retail pack also contains a high temperature adhesive attachment kit. More technical information on request.